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We are more than a routine PFAS testing lab. In addition to offering the standard EPA methods for water and other environmental matrices, we are specialized in detecting the often overlooked short and ultra-short chain PFAS and branched PFAS species.  If you are shifting your attention to detection, mobility, and treatment of the ultra-short-chain PFAS (C = 2-3) and short-chain PFAS (C = 4-7) you have come to the right place. Not all in-home and public drinking water filters remove these PFAS species and knowing their amounts and types will help you in the selection of the best PFAS treatment system for your water.

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We can perform PFAS testing on drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, surface water, biosolids, soil, and sediment samples using methods described by the US EPA.

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Start by filling out our Inquiry Form and we will help you with all the legally required paperwork. We will send you our sample kit with everything you need to take your sample.

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Our state-of-the-art laboratory includes a Mass Spectrometer that can measure hundreds of PFAS compounds and their derivatives.

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We walk you through your results

Our lab is run by expert scientists with decades of experience. We can help you understand your results, give you an unbiased expert opinion, and help you create a treatment plan.


Interested in Learning More?

PFAS Solutions is active in foundational PFAS research and community health projects. We are studying how PFAS moves through agricultural environments, exploring new technology for filtering out short chain PFAS molecules, and developing new analytical methods for testing PFAS in complex environmental matrices.

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