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For getting your water tested for PFAS, please fill out an inquiry and sample information form and  send it to

We will pre-populate the Chain of Custody form using the information from your inquiry and send it to you to check, complete, and return to us with the water samples.

Receive a Sample Kit from us

We will send you the required number of samples bottles for each location which will be collecting samples in a PFAS Sample Kit which will include the following:

After you Receive Your Kit

Documentation in PFAS Sampling Kit

Sampling Instructions

If you are reading this document, you have in your possession a cooler containing supplies for taking samples of water you wish the STRIDE Center for PFAS Solutions to analyze for PFAS.  In addition, there are two bottles labeled Field Blank #1 and Field Blank #2, Ziploc bags (for holding the samples of water that you wish us to analyze), a pair of powderless nitrile gloves (size L) and required documentation of which this document is a part.

On the day of the sampling, the person taking the samples should refrain from:

Sample Collection

  1. The sampler shall wash their hands before sampling and wear new powderless nitrile gloves (provided in the cooler) while filling and sealing the sample bottles.
  2. Allow the (cold) water to run for at least a minute before sampling.  Fill sample bottles such that sample preservation reagent is not flushed out.  It is acceptable for the sample bottle to have headspace.  There are two sample bottles for each sampling point.
  3. After collecting the samples, cap the bottles tightly and agitate by hand until the preservative is dissolved.
  4. The bottles come with labels attached.  Fill in the associated sample identity and indicate all relevant information on the chain of custody (in a plastic bag in the sample cooler) using an acceptable pen.
  5. Keep the samples tightly sealed from the time of collection until delivered to the laboratory (We provide Ziploc bags that will accommodate 2 sample bottles per bag).
  6. Chill samples using wet ice; samples shall not be frozen or exceed 7 degrees Celsius until received by the laboratory.

Field Blank Preparation

  1. Open the Field Blank (#1) at the location of the sampling site and pour the preserved reagent water into the empty sample bottle (Field Blank #2) that came with the Field Blank 1.
  2. Tightly seal the Field Blank #2 bottle containing the preserved reagent water.
  3. Include Field Blank 2 with the samples to be sent back for analysis.

More information on PFAS sampling can be found here:

Hold Times

14-Days for sample extraction from the date of collection. 28-Days for the analysis from date of extraction.


Current reporting for PFAS compounds will be the standard PDF report with sample and quality control results and Chain of Custody. For more advanced reporting (tier) packages, please contact us.


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