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Leadership & Partners

Board Members

Seetha Coleman-Kammula, PhD
Charles Riordan, PhD
Vice President Research
University of Delaware
Donald Durandetta, PhD
Former Dean
Wilmington University Business School
Kurt Foreman
Delaware Prosperity Partnership
James Dinnage
General Counsel
Eckert Seamans
Charles Krukiel
Intellectual Property Attorney
Dunlap Codding
David Arscott, PhD
Stroud Water Research
Debora Massouda, PhD
Jennifer Field, PhD
Professor of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
Oregon State University

Her research focuses on the development and application of quantitative analytical methods for organic micropollutants and their transformation products.  She is a pioneer in the area of fluorochemical occurrence and behavior with a focus on groundwater contaminated by PFAS in fire-fighting foams, municipal wastewater treatment systems, and in municipal landfill leachates.   She serves as an Associate Editor for Environmental Science and Technology and was an editor for Water Research from 2004-2008.

Seth Kellogg, PG
Senior Geologist
Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. New Jersey

She has 25 years of experience in the areas of project management, remedial investigation for NYSDEC and USEPA. She has led multidisciplinary teams to create innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex environmental challenges. Ms. Kellogg has become a leader in evaluating and managing PFAS including co-authoring the first PFAS best practices guidance (NGWA 2018), educating industry professionals on the unique challenges of characterizing and remediating PFAS, and providing briefings and technical advice to congressional and state staff on PFAS policy. Additional areas of technical expertise include chlorinated solvents in groundwater, aqueous geochemistry (wet chemistry and stable isotopes), contaminated sediments (characterization, management and natural attenuation) and mercury.


Seetha Coleman-Kammula, PhD

Seetha, one of the co-founders of the center is a serial entrepreneur and a former Senior Vice President of Basell, a Royal Dutch Shell and BASF joint venture. She started as a research scientist in Amsterdam and held diverse positions in 4 countries managing R&D, strategy and business units. After retiring from Shell she served on Dow Chemical Company’s sustainability external advisory board and founded Simply Sustain LLC, a management consulting company in sustainability. She currently leads the Center for PFAS Solutions.

Charles R. Powley, PhD

Charles has nearly three decades experience in analysis of PFAS chemicals using targeted and non-targeted methods and developing new analytical methods for identifying and measuring PFAS chemicals in water, soil, sludge, plants, and animal tissues. He has published highly cited research articles in peer-reviewed journals that have become the basis for many PFAS environmental methods.

Brian Coleman, PhD

Brian started his professional career with a PhD in organic chemistry working for Royal Dutch Shell in an analytical department analyzing polymers and trace components in reaction mixtures. He led numerous joint research projects for Shell with third parties. He became head of quality in a new technical service lab and trained as an ISO 9001 quality auditor. Since retiring from Shell, Brian has been active in several startup companies.

Edward Morgan
Garret Figuly, PhD
Diana Oviedo-Vargas
Bio-geochemist & Research Scientist
Stroud Water Research

Partner in the grant from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture to investigate PFAS in farms that are using Biosolids.

Pei Chiu, PhD
Professor Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware

Partner in developing PFAS destruction technologies.


Stroud Water Research Center Logo
Stroud Water Research Center
Avondale, PA

Stroud Water Research Center in Avondale, PA is partnering with us to advance knowledge of how chemical pollutants, particularly PFAS, affect stream and river ecosystems. The Stroud Center brings over 50 years of freshwater research experience to the partnership, with deep expertise on the geomorphic, hydrologic, microbial, chemical, and biological components of freshwater ecosystems. With the expertise of STRIDE on PFAS detection and characterization, our partnership will refine understanding of the pathways of PFAS movement through soil and water. This unique collaboration will produce cutting-edge research that helps scientists and regulators understand the impact of PFAS on freshwater ecosystems.

University of Delaware Logo
University of Delaware
Professor Pei-Chiu
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Chiu’s research is concerned with the fate of refractory pollutants in natural and engineered environments.  Dr. Chiu’s group has been studying chemical and microbial transformation of pollutants, engineering solutions and management strategies better address environmental contamination problems.  We have a partnership with Dr. Chiu in developing PFAS remediation technologies.