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PFAS contamination impacts not only suppliers and users of water but many who have a stake in healthy water such as state and local authorities, research scientists, legal firms, environmental engineering companies, compliance managers in chemical and agricultural industries.

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We undertake well defined projects under non-disclosure agreement if required and work closely with our clients. Our consulting work preferably involves lab work applying our advanced analytical equipment and expertise in PFAS and associated co-contaminants. We undertake projects involving lab work under a client service agreement. This agreement contains non-disclosure and intellectual property terms to safeguard the client’s interests and includes a scope of work defining duration, rates and deliverables. You can download the client service agreement here.

Before we start any consulting work, we go through the following steps:

Define the problem: Meet with client and define the problem if required under a non-Disclosure Agreement.

Agree on Scope of Work (SOW): Scope of work contains information on scope and deliverables. If the project is to be conducted in phases it will describe decision points, reports, and budget estimates.

Client Services Agreement: This legal document sets out terms and conditions, terms of payment etc. The Scope of Work Document is attached as an Addendum.

Conduct the Work: Once the Client Services Agreement is signed work begins. During the course of the contracted work, we provide interim reports at agreed intervals. If during the course of the project the direction, scope or budget needs to change we can jointly decide to change the scope.

Close out: Upon completion of the project all data and materials along with the agreed reports are handed over to the client and a feedback session is offered to assess quality of delivery.

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