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Consulting Projects

Consulting Projects

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PFAS Regulations in 13 States

We conducted an in-depth review of PFAS drinking water regulations in 13 states in the US. We studied the published literature under contract with the State of Delaware Office of Drinking Water as well as conducted interviews with several states' environmental and health services leaders. The study involved research of the 3-step rule making process : (i) Assessment of health-based risk, (ii) determining prevalence of PFAS in drinking water and source water, (iii) informing and inviting the public, followed by submission to the States legislature. One of the main outcomes is a collection of insights about how the states were organized to manage the cultural change and implementation of the regulations.

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We have an ongoing project to support pilot scale evaluation of 4 PFAS treatment products under development by a leading vendor at a Delaware Public Water supply system. The water in the area where the wells are located is thought to be contaminated with PFAS from fire-fighting operations. The Center for PFAS Solutions will analyze the influent and effluent water at regular intervals to generate data to compare the performance of the 4 sorbents. In addition, we are able to identify isomeric profiles (branched and linear isomers), and other structural features of the PFAS contaminants in the influent and effluent. By combining this information with our knowledge of the chemistries of PFAS, the history of PFAS production processes (electrochemical fluorination and telomerization), we aim to shed some light on the source of contamination.